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My passion is resolving workplace disputes through arbitration or mediation.   It's that simple.

Video: 3:31 minutes.
Tips on what to look for when selecting your arbitrator, and how to find it.

Video: 4:28 minutes. Tips on preparing for your arbitration hearing, including aligning facts with rules and focusing on strengths and weaknesses.

Video: 4:07 minutes. Cross Examination.
Two separate kinds of cross examination, and six suggestions.

Video: 29 seconds. Ross talks about his first case as an arbitrator, and a major lesson he learned.


Video: 4:17 minutes. Sexual orientation discrimination violates Title VII, according to the 1st Circuit federal Court of Appeals.

Video: 6:10 minutes.  Ross reviews six major moves by the NLRB in Mid-December 2017, just before the Republicans lost their majority.

Video: 3:57 minutes. Ten policies Ross expects the NLRB to change once Republicans have a majority of Board members.

Video: 2:04 minutes. The US Solicitor General switched sides at the US Supreme Court in NLRB v. Murphy, the class action waiver case.

Video: 3:03 minutes. Will the US Supreme Court review the case of an independent contractor truck driver who claims he's not covered by the Federal Arbitration Act?

Video: 4:28 minutes. Pending US Supreme Court on Fair Labor Standards Act - whether auto dealer's service advisors are entitled to overtime pay.

Video: 5:40 minutes. US Supreme Court hands big win to employers in ERISA church plan case. 


Video: 3:39 minutes. Hively v Ivy Tech Community College held that sexual orientation discrimination is sex discrimination.

Video: 2:48 minutes. Ross discusses two cases in which employers' lawyers are charged with using ICE to pressure employees who have legal disputes with their employers.