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My passion is resolving workplace disputes through arbitration or mediation. It's that simple.




An arbitrator should conduct an orderly hearing, allow the parties’ representatives to try their own cases, write clear decisions, and get decisions out on time. 


A mediator should press hard for a settlement without being bossy. 

The bulk of my arbitration practice deals with labor & employment, split about 50-50 between private and public sectors. 

Private sector: Lumber, paper, mining, grocery, health care, law practice, communications, power, maritime, hotel, restaurant, warehousing, etc. 

Public sector: Police, firefighting, schools, ports, utility districts, states, counties, cities, federal agencies. 

Issues: Discharge, discipline, demotion, alcohol and drugs, harassment, discrimination, absenteeism, work performance, arbitrability, layoffs,new contract terms, management rights, overtime, pay & fringe benefits, strikes, subcontracting, etc. 

Rosters: FMCS; Oregon ERB. 

Mediation experience in a diverse set of cases, including employee termination, sexual harassment, disability discrimination, employee benefit plan, multi-party personal injury, landlord-tenant, and consumer.

Member, Oregon Mediation Association (workplace mediation group); past chair, Oregon State Bar Section on Labor & Employment Law; former director, Willamette University Center for Dispute Resolution; former vice-chair, Oregon Dispute Resolution Commission.

Teaching at Willamette Law School included the Dispute Resolution course; teaching at the University of Washington Law School included the Negotiation course.


Permanent panels: 

  • Lumber & Paper: AWPPW & Weyerhaeuser, Nippon Paper, WestRock, Georgia-Pacific; IAM & Weyerhaeuser.

  • Maritime: Inland Boatmen’s Union & Crowley Marine; Inland Boatmen’s Union & State of Alaska; EGT, LLC & ILWU.

  • Police & Fire: Las Vegas Metro Police & Las Vegas Police Protective Assoc; Las Vegas Metro Police & Las Vegas Police Managers and Supervisors Assoc; State of Washington & Washington State Patrol Troopers Assoc; Tualatin Valley Fire & IAFF.

  • Municipal: City of Fairview & Teamsters.

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Labor cases: $2,000 per day for hearing, research, study, and writing. A hearing day is any portion of a day up to eight hours. Travel time charged at one-half rate. Time for travel, research, study, and writing is prorated. 

Employment cases: $2,000 per one-half day  (includes a 4-hour hearing plus up to two hours of pre-hearing conferences). $350 per hour for additional time spent. 



$2,000 per one-half day (includes a 4-hour session plus up to two hours of pre-session conferences). $350 per hour for additional time spent.   


Expenses: Actual cost of reasonable expenses for travel, meals, and lodging. 

Cancellation: $2,000 for each scheduled hearing or session unless notice received 14 or more days prior. 

Postponement: No fee for postponement; $2,000 for each scheduled hearing or session if the case is later cancelled. 

All fees and expenses are split evenly between the parties unless otherwise agreed.