Respect.   Knowledge.   Experience. 

"Let me approach everything I do as if it were the last thing I will ever do."


Respect underlies everything.

  • Respect for the parties. It's not my case; the case belongs to the parties. The parties have to live with the process and the result, and they are paying the bills.
  • Respect for the representatives. The representatives have worked hard to be prepared and knowledgeable about the case. They are the ones that make everything work.
  • Respect for the process. Arbitration requires order, decisiveness, and finality. Mediation requires persistence, flexibility, and creativity. 


Knowledge of employment law is critical.

  • Teaching: A great way to gain knowledge. During 35 years as a law professor I specialized in
    • Labor Law
    • Employment Law
    • Employment Discrimination
    • Contracts
    • Arbitration
    • Negotiation
    • Dispute resolution
  • Writing:
    • I created Employment Law Memo and spent 14 years reading and summarizing employment law court decisions from all federal and state appellate courts.
    • My blog has its focus on employment law, labor law, and arbitration.


Experience is the best teacher.

  • Arbitration - 40 years: 
    • Hundreds of cases covering the gamut of issues.
    • Private sector and public sector.
    • Serving on 15 permanent panels that include lumber, paper, maritime, police, fire, municipal. 
  • Mediation - 30 years:
    • Employee termination, sexual harassment, employee benefits, personal injury, business contracts.
    • Two-party cases; multi-party cases.
    • Private cases; court-annexed cases.