Arbitration Boot Camp.jpg

Arbitration Boot Camp
is for parties and representatives
in labor-management arbitrations

Here are some videos on topics such as Selecting an Arbitrator, Preparing for the arbitration hearing, Opening statement, Presenting your case, Cross examination, Closing argument, Post-Hearing brief. A work in progress. More to come.

Video: 3:31 minutes. Selecting Your Arbitrator.
Tips on what to look for in a potential arbitrator, and how to find it.

Video: 4:28 minutes. Pre-Hearing Preparation. Ideas on getting ready for your hearing.

Video: 2:17 minutes. Why you should always make an opening statement, and some tips on how and why to do it.

Video: 4:07 minutes. Cross Examination.
Two separate kinds of cross examination, and six suggestions.


Video: 29 seconds. Ross talks about his first case as an arbitrator, and a major lesson he learned.